MKY Basketball Club Background v1

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MKY Basketball Club Background v1

Post by wad3lee on Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:08 pm

MKY Basketball Club [ MKYC ]
MKY 篮球协会

Serdang Raya Section 8 Basketball Court

It's finally the begin of year 2009, and MKY Basketball Club is officially launched finally. MKY Basketball Club is a special place where true ballers can share their skills and basketball spirit. Currently the club is only open for basketball players that staying around Serdang Raya Section 8. It is also open for those who know our presidents or team captains. There are categorized in girls and boys team.

Official Training Date: Every Saturday Night

Time: 8.00pm - 11.30pm

Venue: Serdang Raya Section 8

MKYC Basketball Club Objectives and Missions
This year there are lineup of objectives and missions for the club for the ballers to achieve:

  • Maintain the effective of the club. Monitor the active members

  • Chinese New Year Activities & Events

  • The Launching Date and Opening Ceremony

  • Club Donation 2009

  • Tighten up the relationship between team members

  • Get at least Last 8 in every tournament

These below are the committee for the MKY Basketball Club:
Lee Jun Keat 利俊杰(b0tak)
Lee Chong Seng 李忠诚(Boys Under-18 & Open Category)
Lee Jun Keat 利俊杰(Boys Under-15)
Team President:
Lee Chong Yaw 李忠耀(Boys Team)
Low Hoi Khei 刘凯琪(Girls Team)
Vice President:
Gan Yew Wee 颜佑卫(Boys Team)
Head of Treasurer:
Liew Kher Yi 刘可怡
Teoh Jun Jia 张俊嘉(Boys Team)
Liew Kher Yi 刘可怡(Girls Team)

Anyone with doubts and questions, kindly refer to people above.

Reported by,
Administrator of MKY Basketball Club


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