Resign as Coach Post

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Resign as Coach Post

Post by b0tak on Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:58 pm

To all MKY fellows,

Hereby is my resign letter for the coach post in MKY Basketball Club. I'm here kindly announce that I will quit my as a coach in MKY Basketball Club. The coach post will be totally in-charged by Lee Chong Seng (忠诚). I had made up my mind and figure out that this is the best decision i made for the club.

Kindly forgive me as I got my personal reason quitting this job. I will pass out my job to someone as soon as possible.
Don't worry as I will still be there when you guys need advise.

P.S: Yaw, kindly contact me as soon as possible. I need an urgent meeting with you guys.

Cheers and Good Luck MKY-ian~

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